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Laser DeLux / Oferty specjalne

Flexible laser hair removal packages

Laser hair removal on your terms! Pay in advance for a certain number of treatments for any part of the body.

Why is it worth buying in a package?

Laser hair removal ideally suited to your needs? With this in mind, we have created flexible packages that guarantee:
An extra discount that increases with the number of treatments purchased!
Up to 2 years to use the package
Possibility of epilation of various parts of the body in 1 package
Attractive freebies when choosing a PREMIUM package

The offer cannot be combined with other promotions and applies to hair removal treatments from PLN 249. Laser hair removal packages are not tradable for other treatments or cash. If you need additional treatments, you can buy the package again or buy a single treatment at the regular price of PLN 249. Treatments purchased in the package are non-refundable.

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