TOX Peel


TOX Peel is a treatment based on Korean technology based on peptides and fruit acids. it is dedicated to people of all ages and its main goal is to improve the color, tension and smoothness of the skin. It is a completely non-invasive procedure that can be performed even around the eye without causing irritation. TOX Peel is one of the banquet treatments, so you can do it right before the “big exit”. It does not require a recovery period, so the effects are visible immediately. In order to achieve the desired effects, you should perform at least 3 treatments at appropriate intervals.

Buy a treatment:

from 200 PLN
Face + neck
from 300 PLN
Face + neck + cleavage
from 400 PLN
1 treatment
from 249 PLN
3 treatments
from 599 PLN
5 treatments
from 1 079 PLN