Fotona PREMIUM is a treatment for people who require and value treatments of the highest quality. Fotona PREMIUM gives a thorough reconstruction of the skin, smoothing out wrinkles, narrowing of pores, improves the oval of the face, reducing “hamsters” and increases the firmness of the upper and lower eyelids. All these effects can be achieved thanks to the use of two Nd: yag and Er: yag laser heads, which complement each other. A one-time treatment consists of several stages that cause controlled damage to all layers of the skin, stimulating it to rebuild it thoroughly, and thus improving skin firmness and elasticity. The treatment ends with a delicate laser peeling that ultimately aligns the skin tone. The treatment is an improvement over the earlier phenomenal 4D Photon. Fotona PREMIUM means more deposited power in individual stages and focusing on additional aspects, i.e. the eye and neck area. The visit should be preceded by a free consultation with a cosmetologist in order to rule out contraindications and to thoroughly discuss the treatment process. We invite you!

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Face + Neck
od 30 min.
from 2 799 PLN
Face + Neck + Cleavage
od 30 min.
from 2 999 PLN
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Z przyjemnością chodzę na zabiegi do Pani Oli na zabiegi, jest bardzo dokładna , delikatna. Wie czego klient potrzebuje????????
Ewelina Dudek